StressTech is a seed treatment containing fungal endophytes that enhance drought, temperature and salt stress tolerance of crop plants. Once coated onto the surface of seeds, the formulation keeps the fungus inactive until the seed is exposed to conditions that stimulate seed germination. Upon germination, the fungus activates and establishes a beneficial symbiosis with seedlings. The symbiotic plants become significantly more tolerant to drought, high day and nighttime temperature and salt stresses. It is known that high nighttime temperatures can cause starch and yield loss in the Midwest and other growing areas. StressTech has been seen to speed germination and emergence in cool soils and it is formulated to be compatible with existing seed treatment equipment and chemicals and can be simply added as an additional component during the seed treatment process. StressTech can also be applied in-furrow at planting and as a foliar treatment as well.

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Product Characteristics

  • Abiotic stress tolerance: Gives plants the ability to prosper during times of drought, salinity and cold and hot temperatures.
  • Increased plant health: Increase in biomass and yields.
  • Early growth vigor: Enhanced growth response and seedling development.
  • Decreased irrigation needs: Plants require less water.
  • Ease of application: Liquid formulations applied as seed treatment, in-furrow or foliar spray.
  • Applicability: On all major monocots and eudicots crops including, but not limited to corn, soy, wheat, rice, barley, millet, cotton, peas, alfalfa, potatoes, okra, onion, blueberries, mung beans, sesame, guar, cucumber and leafy greens.