Composted Cattle Manure is the environmentally sound way to fertilize.

Give your crops what they want.

Benefits of Composted Cattle Manure as Fertilizer

#1 Organic Matter

Use of Composted cattle manure with our added proprietary blend of Compost Tea (which includes Live/Active bacteria, Fungi, and Protozoa) adds organic matter resulting in:
– Healthier Soils
– Better moisture retention
– Better infiltration; less run off

#2 Healthier Crops

Composted cattle manure helps correct deficiencies in your soil.
– High levels of most nutrients
– Slow release nitrogen
– Other micro nutrients plants need

#3 Environmental Quality

– Reduce odor
– Weed seed free
– Reduced pathogens

Applications include third party recommendations and product verification by: Nutrient Advisors, LLC

A 4 ton/acre application gives your farm:

ANALYSIS PER TON: 21 N – 30 P – 35 K- 11 S – .25 ZN

80 Nitrogen

120 Phosphorus-P2O5

140 Potassium

45 Sulfur

1 Zinc


Compost vs. Raw Manure

Compost 101

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