Summer Letter from your ACN staff!



It’s been an interesting spring and early summer, with a late start to planting season, exceptional heat, and plenty of rainfall. It’s exciting to see the crop grow even under these circumstances, however there has been stress to the soil and the plant. We need to be diligent about watching for diseases, and consideration given to side dress N and foliar feeds.


As we head toward the V10 to V12 growth stage please be on the watch for the bacterial disease Goss’ Wilt. The huge amounts of water and flooding, along with high humidity, some wind and hail damage have stressed the plant. Watch for caramel colored lesion at ground level where the V3 and V4 leaf is sloughing off. This is not a fungus and cannot be controlled by fungicides. The product, Bio Empruv from ACN, will boost plant health to reach maturity and quality yields.

If you are going to be out spraying for disease or insects, consider Foliar Micro Boost from ACN. Feed the plant some extra micros for continued health and performance.

Due to heavy rains there will have been some leaching and volatilization of N in our fields. If you are considering side dress N, you’ll want to take a look on the ACN website at our QLF Boost product. Check out the information for this product and its outstanding results when combined with a nitrogen feed.


Get ahead of the molds that are very likely coming our way due to all the moisture and humidity.  Check out AgNatural, from ACN. An outstanding health promoter product made to fight off fungus and mold. Along with this pass you will want to consider our QLF Boost product as well. The results listed on our website show a great R.O.I. when incorporating Boost in this pass.


ACN Compost is the fertilizer choice of many of our clients. If you haven’t put in your order for this fall please due it soon. Get in on the summer discount program now.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at Advanced Crop & Nutrition. We want you to be successful and blessed. Thank you for considering ACN.