MARCH 2020

Many farmers have commented about the fact that they didn’t get the opportunity last fall to do any deep tilling. The soils are very saturated with moisture. Some soils will be very tight and others have been compacted due to heavy equipment travel on these wet, tight soils. We’d encourage you to check out our product, KRUSTY. This product reduces soil compaction, allowing water and air to move deeper in the soil profile. As a biologically fermented extract, Krusty contains multiple polymers and bio-surfactants that will swell and shrink within the soil, reducing the natural binding effects of compacted soil. Krusty can easily be applied with your in-furrow planting application, or applied with your pre application at a price between $4.25/a (in-furrow) to $8.50/a broad coverage (pre). Much cheaper, and healthier than chemical products or deep tilling.


JUNE 2017

Crop talk: With corn spraying nearly completed, many farmers are moving into spraying beans, and thinking about side dressing nitrogen for their corn. Let’s talk about getting the most from side dressing that nitrogen and consider foliar options as we head toward our crops reproduction stage.

Molybdenum 3% is an essential micro nutrient that drives the plant and microbial reactions that fix nitrogen and convert it to amino acids, and eventually proteins. This product is easily, and economically(less than $1/acre) added to the nitrogen side dress application to make the nitrogen feed more plant available, sooner. MORE AVAILABILITY = GREATER PRODUCTION

Foliar MicroBoost is a boost of micro nutrients that should be fed to our crop as it heads toward the reproduction stage in it’s life. This foliar feed helps boost plant health and production with many of the most important micro nutrients needed. One to two bushels/acre makes this product very affordable, because it has the potential to add five to six bushels/acre, giving you a sweet ROI.

Bio Empruv – “Healthy to Harvest” If you have dealt with Goss’ Wilt, you will want to look at this product. If you have seen this nasty disease across the fence from your field, you want to incorporate this products use for your crops protection.  Don’t let Goss’ Wilt steal from your production and profits. This product will insure that doesn’t happen.

Ag Natural is designed to boost your crop’s immune system to fight off leaf blight, and strengthen plant health to maturity. Easily applied, we have had farmers report 7 to 17 bushel gains.

Check out these, and other products, available from Advanced Crop & Nutrition. For more information please contact us, we’d be glad to discuss the possibilities available for your operation.

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APRIL 2017

Check out the video about Goss’ Wilt and using the product Bio Empruv.


JULY 2016

Bob Streit CCA, CPCS

Bob Streit is a Certified Crop Advisor with experience gained from all over the world. Raised on a farm in northern Iowa, Bob studied plant pathology, pest management and agronomy at Iowa State University. His previous work includes irrigated agriculture with Servi-Tech in western Kansas and 20 years as a Regional Technical Service Agronomist including value added grain projects with Dekalb and Cargil/Mycogen. Now as a private consultant, Bob works with clients in Iowa and surrounding states. He conducts many research plots to test new products and cropping systems.

Bob has also been involved in the USDA Soy Rust Project, including spore trapping in the Midwest. This has led to extensive work in South America, advising agricultural scientists and innovative producers for the last 9 years. He has gained knowledge from traveling to Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile. Bob publishes articles to magazines and is a weekly contributor to the Ag column for a Fort Dodge, Iowa based newspaper.

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