Bio-Amend & Bio-Amend 2.0

Bio-Amend is an outstanding pit and lagoon treatment product that contains 17 strains of active bacteria including 2 strains of Purlpe, non-sulfur bacteria. This biological product works great in any anaerobic manure storage setting. Bio-Amend works in a way that it helps increase plant availability of the nutrients in the manure, as well as, reduce odor, reduce flies, and regain capacity, among others. Simple application and ease of use, along with it’s great benefits, puts this product at the top of it’s league.
Here is a picture, taken in September 2016,  of a 9 million gallon dairy lagoon treated with Bio-Amend in April 2016. There is very little crust and the owner said the odor was extremely less then in previous years.

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Bio-Amend is a pit and lagoon treatment product containing 17 strains of active bacteria, including 2 strains of Purple Non-Sulfur bacteria. These strains are good for any anaerobic manure storage facility.