Summer is here!

The crops are growing and you know these crops are valuable. Our partnership with QLF Agronomy gives ACN an opportunity to help you, the farmer, capitalize on higher quantity and quality yields.
The QLF Boost product added to your UAN side dress will not only save you money but also help the plant utilize your high priced UAN to get the best deal for your dollar. Check out pages 8 & 9 in our catalog.
It’s time to think about foliar applications as well. QLF Boost on soybeans have produced 3-6 more bushels per acre with a cost of $8/acre and a return of $40+ that’s an R.O.I. You deserve. Check out page 5-7 in our catalog. Ask about Boost on alfalfa too. Then check out QLF Amino 15 for your corn. This product will fill the plants need for Nitrogen as it goes into the  reproduction stage of its life and it has proven to return very handsomely. Page 12 in our catalog.
Oh ya…check in with us on using Bio-Preserve and Bio-Preserve 2.0 for your inoculant needs for alfalfa, baleage, corn silage, earlage, and high moisture shell corn this fall. Your feed stuffs are very valuable and should be inoculated to increase value and save shrink. Check out pages 24 & 25 in our catalog.



The answer for all your liquid manure management.

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