L-CBF 7-21-3 MKP

Orthophosphate in a Molasses Base for Better Phosphorus Uptake

L-CBF 7-21-3 is a liquid carbon-based fertilizer derived from sugar cane molasses and quality plant nutrients. This formulation helps stimulate soil biology in early spring and cycle nutrients in the soil. It delivers the soil-health benefits of the L-CBF product line while providing high amounts of plant-available phosphorus to fit today’s liquid starter programs.

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Product Characteristics

  • Readily Available Phosphorus: 7-21-3 is blended with a unique orthophosphate source, monopotassium phosphate (MKP), which is readily plant available.
  • Season-Long Phosphorus: 7-21-3 has a 70:30 ratio of ortho to polyphosphate. Orthophosphate is readily available to plants upon entry into soil solution, while polyphosphate is available for plant uptake later in the season.
  • Better Starts: 7-21-3 promotes early growth for uniform emergence and higher yield potential.
  • Biological Stimulant: 7-21-3 is seven percent sugar, which helps stimulate soil microbes and supports plant growth. Microbes help make soil nutrients more plant available, improve soil structure and speed residue decomposition.
  • Versatile: Apply 7-21-3 as a corn, soybean or wheat starter, or broadcast foliar on alfalfa to speed spring growth or post-cutting regrowth.
  • Compatible: 7-21-3 is compatible with most other liquid fertilizers. Always jar-test before application to ensure compatibility.