Future Generation Farmer

Advanced Crop and Nutrition is dedicated and always looking for new ways to promote stewardship in our future farmers, even in young future generation farmers like this.

Hank’s great grandfather once said:  “The soil we have been blessed to care for is all there will ever be; there won’t be more. Be a good steward of the land and she’ll be good to you”.

Our goal at ACN is to help you protect and care for your most valuable resources while improving your operations’ productivity – today, and in the future.

“Progressive farming” is a statement heard around the globe, but what does that mean?

World demand for food production continues to climb and the discussion is that we may need to feed  two million more mouths by 2050. This thought, coupled with the fact that some countries continue to demand a richer diet with more meat, dairy, and eggs, will mean an increased need for more corn and soybeans going toward the livestock sector of the food production industry, as well.

As farmers continue to look for economical ways to improve production in the future, our goals will evolve. How can we economically improve production with the land we care for? What does it look like to be better stewards of the soil, water, and air that we have been entrusted to care for?

That’s where ACN comes along side the farmer. We strive to be part of your team of experts (agronomists, nutritionists, veterinarians, loan officers, equipment dealers, farm managers, and family) that will help you continue to achieve your goals of production in the future. We believe the biology and health of your soils will be crucial to nutrient utilization, water conservation, and healthier, more productive plants, which enables the farmer to supply a higher quality produce or food to livestock and the consumer, while being courteous to our fellow man in the process.

Lofty goals = Great Responsibilities. ACN continues to research and develop our products on a continuous basis. In this ever-changing industry we desire to build, produce, and market the best product possible for the good of our clients and their operations, while being mindful of our neighbors and environment.

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