Protect+™ is a new microbial seed treatment designed to provide protection from extreme ecological conditions. This technology uses a natural symbiotic process between plants and fungi that enables plants to flourish when facing water, temperature, and/or salt stress. Our methodology mimics how plants in nature adapt to stress and can be applied to a broad spectrum of agricultural crops. To accomplish this, we have developed proprietary methodologies to generate stress tolerance products that can be applied to many crop species.

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Product Characteristics

  • Abiotic stress tolerance – gives plants the ability to prosper during times of drought, salinity, and cold & hot temperatures.
  • Increased plant health – increase in biomass & yields.
  • Early growth vigor – enhanced growth response & seedling development.
  • Decreased irrigation needs – plants require less water.
  • Increased plant vigor – seed germination & longevity enhanced.
  • Current seed treatment compatibility – all existing seed treatment equipment, commonly used fungicides & biologicals.
  • Ease of application – liquid formulations applied as seed treatment, in-furrow or foliar spray.
  • Long shelf-life – 1 year duration.
  • Applicability – On all major monocots & eudicots crops including but not limited to corn, soy, wheat, rice, barley, millet, cotton, peas, alfalfa, potatoes, okra, onion, blueberries, mung bean, sesame, guar, cucumber, and leafy greens.
  • Diverse Agricultural Regions – including subtropical, desert and temperate climates.
  • Formulations – Liquid formulation containing 3-6 fungal endophyte strains. Powder formulation coming soon.
  • Low Application Rates – Seed treatment – 0.5oz/100wt In- furrow – 1oz/10 acre.