Winning Horse Probiotic

Health for all Horses
Live, never frozen, active strains of bacteria designed to aid in health and performance of your horse!

• Enhances digestive health
• Boosts immunity
• Stengthens joint function
• Promotes consistent appetite
• Fortifies mane, coat, & tail bloom

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Our production technique is an all-natural fermentation process, providing the good bacteria with the food needed to continue to live, thrive, and multiply even after bottling.

Does your horse need probiotics?
Although research into probiotics for horses is still onoing, there is general agreement that they can be useful in the following ways:

– To give young digestive systems a head start. Foals acquire their intestinal flora from their environment — that’s one reason why they sometimes eat manure. A probiotic may help populate the young digestive system more quickly.

– To aid recovery from illness or infection in horses who have received oral antibiotics. Medications that kill harmful bacteria sometimes do collateral damage to beneficial organisms. After the course of antibiotics is finished, a probiotic may aid in faster recovery.

– To compensate for the e ects of stress. Dietary changes, travel and/or competition can put stress on a horse’s system. To give the probiotics time to colonize, it is best to start administration two to three days ahead of the stressful event and continue until it is over.

– To reduce digestive upset in horses susceptible to chronic diarrhea and/or mild colics. Probiotics may stabilize the micro ora and promote a healthier environment in the gut. They may also be a good preventative measure in horses who have experienced serious colics.

– To help old or unthrifty horses better utilize nutrients. A probiotic may improve the efficiency of digestion and aid nutrient absorption in aged horses and others who have trouble maintaining weight.