L-CBF AMINO 15-0-1

QLF Agronomy L-CBF AMINO 15-0-1 (liquid carbon based fertilizer) is a combination of balanced crop nutrients with complex carbon sources. It contains three sources of nitrogen (Amino, Urea, & Ammoniacal.

L-CBF AMINO 15-0-1 provides plant available nitrogen to promote higher yields and
overall plant health.

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Product Characteristics

  • Multiple Nitrogen Sources: L-CBF AMINO 15™ delivers efficient foliar nitrogen from top tier sources, Urea and Amino Acid. Plant nitrogen uptake with L-form Amino Acids are energetically advantageous, utilizing and assimilating with no additional energy consumption.
  • Versatility and Compatibility: L-CBF AMINO 15™ is a cost-effective tank partner with a proven return on investment utilized in multiple fertilizer and pesticide applications.
  • All Major Crops: L-CBF Amino 15™ is a supplemental foliar nitrogen source that can be applied to corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and small grains. Ask your consultant for more information o dilution rates and application methods.
  • Lower pH: L-CBF AMINO 15™ compliments better performance of slightly acidic foliar solutions for increased cuticle penetration and maximum leaf absorption.foliar on alfalfa to speed spring growth or post-cutting regrowth.


Total Nitrogen (N). . 15.0% (15% Urea Nitrogen)

Soluble Potash (K2O). . 1.0%


Derived from Sugar Cane Molasses, Urea, L-Amino Acids


Net Weight: Bulk as Invoiced

Weight Per Gallon lbs/gal at 68ºF. . 10.0

pH at 68ºF. . 4.7

Sugar. . 10%


L-CBF AMINO 15-0-1 Nitrogen can be applied using the following methods: